Trash Disposal Options For Your Retail Store

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Running a retail store can result in a lot of trash and recyclables that need to be disposed of every day. To handle daily trash, inventory boxes, and other items, you'll need to have the right trash disposal methods for your store. Here are a few options you can use to ensure your trash is properly disposed of while also doing something good for the environment.

Trash Compactors

Trash compactors offer a great option for stores that have a high volume of trash every day. They condense trash into smaller cubes, which means they take up less space in landfills. For this option, you will need to make sure that the machine is only authorized by authorized personnel according to the laws in your state. For example, in Indiana, people under the age of 18 are not permitted to operate trash compactors and other similar pieces of equipment. Once you know the rules and regulations regarding the operation of a trash compactor, you can ensure that you have the proper staff scheduled for every shift. You can rent a trash compactor from your local dumpster rental company as part of your trash pickup service package.


You won't be able to put all of your trash into your compactor. Some items, like broken mannequins or floor fixtures, can be placed in a dumpster instead. A dumpster is also a good option for food waste and other smaller bits of trash. If you have a trash compactor on site, you may only need a small dumpster to handle the rest of your store's trash every day. Work with your dumpster rental company to determine which size dumpster is right for you, and ask about having things like metal clothing racks recycled instead of thrown in a landfill when your dumpsters are emptied.


Balers are ideal for stores that receive a lot of inventory every week. You'll need something to do with all of those boxes, and your baler puts them in a nice, tidy package that's ready for recycling. Balers typically use heavy-duty wire to strap the bundles together, and they can be dangerous if your staff members are improperly trained. Have your dumpster rental company send someone over to train your staff on how to use this equipment. As with compactors, there may be local restrictions regarding who can use a baler, so make sure you are in compliance with these rules.

Your dumpster rental company can help you to come up with a plan for your waste removal needs. Discuss the volume of business and trash your store produces every week, and work together to determine the right dumpster size and any other equipment you might need. Visit a site like for more help.